There is no substitute for proper tax planning. Except crazy luck.

Tax Planning

How many times have you heard that an individual became wealthy or comfortable because s/he was “lucky,” or “in the right place at the right time?” I do not believe in luck or in fate. What I do believe is that individuals who take the time to prepare, educate themselves and make many individually small but thoughtful decisions set themselves up to take advantage of opportunities when they appear.

Because U.S. taxation follows Americans wherever they go on this planet, and because that taxation often represents a significant amount of your efforts, tax planning might not be a bad idea when setting or revisiting your planning on other fronts.


International or regional relocation
Citizenship/Expatriation issues
Community property issues
Forced heirship issues
Asset / wealth protection issues
Changes in family status: marriage, divorce, separation, death, births
Insurance issues
Retirement and estate planning


Operational structure, international and cross-border
Jurisdiction selection
Actvities giving rise to taxable events
Succession-planning issues
Financing issues
Control, risk issues
Compensation of key stakeholders
Simple, effective processes

It usually makes sense to pull out the compass and maps before you lay in a course. We think you should do the same with your tax affairs.

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