Retirement. Thank goodness you can count on Social Security. Not.


It is increasingly obvious that U.S. citizens and tax residents must plan for their own retirement and take steps to protect their assets from all-comers both in the U.S. and abroad. Employers are far less likely to provide adequate retirement plan for their key staff, never mind the rank and file.

Even if they do provide a retirement plan, many employers are able to provide one only in the country where its headquarters are located. This puts a U.S. retirement plan outside the reach of most U.S. Expatriates.

And even if a U.S. retirement solution were offered, many U.S. expatriates have no intention of returning to the U.S. soon or when they retire, and may not necessarily like to have their retirement savings denominated in USD in U.S. securities.

As if that were not enough, FATCA has now put most investments outside the reach of most expatriates, either by encouraging foreign financial institutions to exclude Americans from their investment products or requiring significant paperwork and tax disincentives to Americans themselves.

What is to be done?

We are uniquely positioned to help Americans with

  • U.S. qualified investment options such as their U.S. 401(k), Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Roth IRA, Checkbook IRA and similar plans, including establishing them, closing them and transferring/rolling them over.
  • Establishing U.S.-compliant international retirement plans with check-the-box reporting on US 8938.
  • Assisting U.S. and international employers to create a unitary, internationally-compliant company retirement plan for which all of their employees, regardless of nationality or tax residence are eligible and is easy to administer.
  • Establish IRS-compliant international trust structures for estate and asset-protection purposes with check-the-box reporting on US 8938.

You live an international life because the opportunities and flavor of it appeals to you. Your retirement should be no different.

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