John W Mohr, Enrolled Agent

I graduated from Brown University with B.A. degrees in German Studies and International Relations – thought I was bound for the diplomatic service at that time. (Change of course followed). I got my M.B.A. in in International Finance from the Katz Business School at the University of Pittsburgh. I hold the Enrolled Agent designation from the IRS – the only professional qualification dedicated 100% to U.S. tax – which also permits me to represent clients before any federal court on tax matters.

I have spent nearly all all of my professional life in Europe, including over 15 years in Czech Repubic, four years in Russia, two years in Germany, one year in Austria and one year in Gibraltar. I come at U.S. tax from a business standpoint, which is to say, I began my career trying to help very large companies operate cross borders to generate profit. I established General Electric’s shared services platform in Moscow, Russia while its Manager of Finance, later performed due diligence on financial services firms with GE Capital in Austria, Romania and the Czech Republic. At the same time I was the senior financial analyst to GE Capital Global Consumer Finance with responsibility for Central and Eastern Europe. I left GE with most other Americans employed abroad by GE the year after that corporation began earning more revenue outside the U.S. than inside of it … and was invited by the former managing partner of a law firm I worked for (corporate environment regulatory in D.C., privatization in Czech Republic) to relocate to the Czech Republic where I did two years as a turn-around manager for the Czech Direct Equity Fund, a joint venture between the EBRD, Credit-Anstalt and Albion Alliance.

After my stint with the fund, I realized I was destined to continue my inquires on my own and I have never looked back. I began with interim executive manager assignments (pan-European accounting reconstruction, COO of a light sport airplane manufacturer), eventually grew into Czech and US accounting, tax reporting and consulting services.

The development of U.S. and international anti-moneylaundering controls, rapidly-shifting economic conditions and political upheaval present great challenges than ever to securing conditions for a happy retirement. Thus, over the last several years my practice has focused on the tax planning and reporting priorities of U.S. expats and their companies abroad.


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