2018 US and Czech Tax Returns



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Looking for a U.S. Enrolled Agent, Tax advisor or CPA in Czech Republic? Need help speaking with the IRS or Czech Financial Urad – or both? Expert, quality service at a reasonable price?

  • Larger tax firms with a presence in Czech Republic ALWAYS send their returns to offices in Germany, France, U.K. or U.S., and their teams rarely speak to one another directly; they often drop the ball. Foreign- or U.S. based tax pros often lack Expat experience; they do not understand what it means to live outside the U.S. or deal with a local tax authority. All they know is the IRS.
  • Czech Republic is a small country; very few will have a knowledge of Czech tax documents or know how to report it, if they can even read the forms!
  • They are based in the U.S., or at least very far from you; they are not very invested in a few Expats based in Czech Republic.
  • Finally, new tax agreements are helping the Czech Financial urad evolve into a powerful, modern tax enforcement institution – wouldn’t it be great if they could help you deal with THIS, too?

John W Mohr, EA can seamlessly and expertly manage both your U.S. and Czech individual tax reporting in-house


Enrolled Agents are the only federally (IRS) licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  They are subject to strict legal, ethical and continuing professional education requirements. John Mohr, EA is authorized to:

  • prepare tax and information returns
  • advise clients on tax planning
  • represent clients in tax matters before the IRS and in Federal District court

See the National Association of Enrolled Agents website for more information about America’s tax experts.

Why Choose John Mohr, EA

There are too many reasons to list them all. But consider these:

  • Only U.S. Enrolled Agent in the Czech Republic
  • 10+ years preparing the most complicated IRS forms
  • Highly-experienced in IRS Streamlined Disclosures
  • 10+ years running Czech accounting firm; intimately familiar with Czech investments, retirement products, and tax
  • Committed to American expats in Czech Republic, knows their issues: over 250 clients are based there
  • Speaks/writes U.S. English natively and Czech fluently; Interfaces with IRS and Financial Urad in their own language
  • Runs the entire project start to finish. Himself.
John Mohr, EA